From human instinct to data facts

Leverage the power of data with our products and services to support you on driving your business. 

What we do

Our offer

Our product

A visual search engine for fashion web stores in the form of e-commerce platform plugin for people to search apparel with pictures.

Our story

ShopAI is a company focused on leveraging the image capabilities for optimization of search channels inside webshops that rely on product catalogs. We position ourselves as a technology company, specialized in machine learning with the emphasis on deep learning with a high business orientation and on building easy to use, plug and play solutions. 

Our main product, Visual-search-as-a-service, will assume the form of a Web-API and an E-commerce platform plugin (Shopify is our short term goal as once the can make a case out of it we intend to expand it to others) that will enable our customers to perform a set of visually based operations, such as receive pictures of real-world observations like a person and automatically recognize the type, color, texture, and format of the clothes He/She is wearing; search for visually similar items amongst the database of product catalog we store from multiple e-commerce platforms; allow the customer to compare prices and decide which item best optimizes the visual appeal/price level equation.