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In 2018, eMarketer, through an exhaustive study, stated that 62.2% of millennials in the United States and the United Kingdom expect e-commerce websites to allow them to use visual search to find a particular product.   


Visual Search

With our Visual Search service, your customers can search into your webshop the products they love without typing a single word.

Our service is simple. Your customer takes a picture or uploads a screenshot of a given product and similar products, existing in your catalog, are presented in real time, inside your webshop.

Nowadays more and more online shopping is made based on particular things that customers are looking for - whether by real-world observation or print screens of images they find on the web. The e-commerce stores that offer this functionality provide a better experience to their customers increasing their sales potential. 


Visual Recommendations

With our Visual Recommendations service, you enable your e-commerce store of a banner on the product page that suggests the most visual similar products than the product your customer is seeing.

With our clients, we were capable of proving that similarity plays a very important role in the user's browsing increasing significantly their conversion rate and decreasing the customer abandonment rate.

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