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Let the customers search by a photo or a screenshot. They will find it easier and better than text.  

When people use online platforms to search for something, great part of the time is spent looking for things they don’t really want. It’s a struggle to guess how the merchant has described the products we look for. 

The future relies on visual search engines and ShopAI offers a solution to increase webshops’ conversion rate and improve clients’ shopping experience.

Our clients look for reliability, accuracy, fast response rates and availability of resources. We have all that, delivered through an API on the top of sophisticated machine learning models. A truly artificial intelligence solution to engage and satisfy potential buyers on e-commerce platforms. 

Our story


ShopAI is a company focused on leveraging the image capabilities for optimization of search channels inside webshops that rely on product catalogs. We position ourselves as a technology company, specialized in machine learning with the emphasis on deep learning with a high business orientation and on building easy to use, plug and play solutions. 

Our main product, visual-search-as-a-service, will assume the form of a Web-API and an e-commerce platform plugin (Shopify is our short term goal) that will enable Webshops to perform a set of visually based operations, such as receive pictures of real-world observations and automatically recognize the type, color, texture, and format of the clothes, search for visually similar items amongst the database of product catalog and allow the customer to compare prices and decide which item best fits its search.